Hey! I'm Alina Morgan, the founders of Finance Galery.
After struggling for years to find the right career paths and pay down our $10,000 of student loan debt we finally had enough!We buckled down and go serious learning everything we possible could about personal finance.That’s when we knew a traditional career path for us was not going to cut it. We decided to start our personal finance blog as a side hustle in 2019 and have not looked back. 
How Can Finance Galery Help You?
We can help you in so many important aspects of your life!
  • We teach families how to budget their money and organize their finances
  • We help families pick the right budget template for their financial situation
  • We share the best ways to save money and plan for the future
  • We explain why starting a side hustle will change your life
  • We share our favorite budget recipes for your family
  • We breakdown work from home jobs and how to make money online
  • We review companies like Ibotta and share how you can save money on groceries
  • We want you to join us on our frugal journey to living the life of financial freedom

How We Make Money

We believe the best way to produce a valuable website is by putting the interests of our readers before the interests of anyone else. 

This “readers first” philosophy also extends to how we monetize our site.

Finance Galery makes money through advertising agreements with partners that share our vision for helping families take complete control over their time and month through good financial habits. We are extremely careful when we pick and choose which companies we partner with and promote on our site.